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I used to work for Knight Ridder Digital (which became McClatchy Interactive in 2006). I was there for over 7 years. I started as a Technical Operations Manager with broadly defined responsibilities and very little authority.

I managed to hang on to that title through several transitions and reorganizations. At one point I only had one person reporting to me and no charter. Then for an alarming amount of time I had no one to report to, which was refreshing, in a way, after having three other people I reported to directly. As the result of another reorganization I ended up with seven people I reported to directly and just about the whole department of project managers, developers and engineers reporting to me. It was an unusual situation and fortunately it didn.t last long.

During those transition periods I performed some specialized tasks assigned to me by our VP of operations. One of that tasks, I particularly enjoyed, was technical in nature; reviewing the architecture of our classifieds systems and identifying problem areas. The hardest part of it was working with representatives from the classifieds staff of the various paper owned by our parent company.

It took me a while to understand the demands of their jobs and the complaints they had about our systems. Gradually I realized that despite their lack of technical knowledge these folks were very intelligent and very dedicated. I came to consider most of them friends as well as associates.

I got laid off from McClatchy Interactive March 31 2007 after my position became obsolete. Since then, I have been focusing on a career change to a sculptor with little success. I sell my figures online though a web site of my own design My goal is/was to clear at least 12k in my first year of business, but I fell short of that goal and actively sought employment in my old profession, but with no success.

Due to the economic disaster of 2008 the competition for jobs in the tech industry became too tough for a person my age, with my educational background and my supposed .salary expectations.. Guys like me were a dime a dozen and I ended up relying mainly on selling my figures online.

However, life was not as hard on me as most people. Despite being unemployed I managed to take advantage of a down turn in the housing industry and I bought a newer and better home than the one I sold for a ridiculous amount of money in 2003. I also managed not to take anything out of my 401-k till after the market turned around and all my loses were restored and then some. By 2012 I was flush but couldn.t touch the money without being penalized for early withdrawal.

There were a couple of occasions that merited just that but I was lucky that my wife was working as a teacher and had a steady income. I was also lucky that I didn.t spend my severance check foolishly, had made an insane amount of money selling my first house, and lucky that I live in America where such comfort is possible. Needless to say, I made it all the way to retirement age with no major setbacks (thank God).

Around 2011 I started creating 3D figures to sell in my Shapeways shop on line. I stopped sculpting them in clay and producing them. I still maintain and display all my available 3D work on that site with links to purchase them from Shapeways. I am glad to not be casting and making molds as often as I did anymore. I.m especially glad not to be filling orders, shipping them and purchasing packing material, silicon mold making material and resin in bulk and worrying about completing orders every day.

I have so much time on my hands now, I have even completed three of the four novels I started almost forty years ago. Like my figures I have published them online at Amazon along with a collection of short stories. They are available for Kindle and paperback Amazon if you click here.

The Last Chance is the first of a series of four books that were originally one book (forty years ago) titled .The Misadventures of Haole Boy.. It is a fictional account of my life as a drug dealer and a near brush with the law.

The Amir Kabir is also from that same series. It is book two and is a fictional account of my efforts to travel from Germany to Calcutta for the winter by getting a job driving a car to Iran; which would complete over half the trip without spending a dime. As usual, with me things did not go as planned. I ended up broke and stranded at a cheap hotel in Tehran with no way to leave Iran and no hope for deliverance.

The Von Steuben is the third book in the .Misadventures of Haole Boy. series. It is a fictional account of my trip back from Iran to Germany, and my eventual escape back to the United States. In this book I also have some close brushes with the law, and some dangerous encounters with women as I work in a kitchen ruled by a tyrannical ex-Nazi assistant cook who laments the fall of the Third Reich and longs for the days of ethnic purity.

I am currently working on the first and final book of the Misadventures of Haole Boy series. It is called, .The Hawaiian Funeral. It is a fictional account of my return trip to California and the death of my father from cancer. I hope to publish it by March 1st of 2018 to commemorate the forty-year anniversary of my father.s death. It is one of the hardest novels written. I have rewritten it so many times lost count. This time I feel like I finally have balanced fact and fiction to hopefully tell an entertaining story.

The Short History of the Planet Surd began as a collection of children.s fables from the twisted universes inside my mind. Really nothing more than stories based on notes I took of my dreams. I grew tired of that and started adding other short stories I.d written, which began as ideas for novels that never went anywhere.

TSHotPs is also an experiment. Since we are in a digital age I decided to break with the norms of publishing and try writing a book that grows as long as you read it on Kindle that is. You buy the Kindle version, download it, read it, remove it from your device and then download it again a year later and there is more content. I doubt it will catch on, but it would be fun if it did.

Most of my writing is adult in nature although I am currently working a children.s book for my granddaughter.

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