Mele kakou nei apau
    (Lets all sing together)

    I've seen a lot of translations of Hawaiian songs by Native and well educated Non-Native speakers. While they are all very good, they seem to strip the song of some of the implied meaning that one would get if they understood the literal translation of the song.
    Hawaiian's are very attached to nature, and this is not often evident in the English translations of a song. While those translation may impart the overall meaning of the song, they do not always reveal the soul of the writer.
    For my first translation, I did Aloha `Oe by Queen Liliuokalani. Liliuokalani like most Hawaiian women I have ever known was very attached to the land, and everything that grew and lived on it. I've seen translations of this song that capture the hidden meaning of the song, but that do not reveal anything about her love for the land.
    I'm fairly certain of this translations literal translation, I hope you enjoy it. and the others that I am offering here.

    Aloha Oe

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