P r o j e c t   L a n a k i l a     T H E   L O O K

    Bachmann 1:20.3 Scale 4-4-0 American
    With the exception of the Smoke box and the cab, the model was very close to the dimensions of the prototype Lanakila circa 1906. I used the Xerox copies that Jeff sent me to determine approximately what the Lanakila would have looked like in 1906.

    Lanakila pictured here circa 1893. Almost identical to the Bachmann model. SUGAR TRAINS PICTORIAL

    The photo of Leahi 1900 showed an extended smoke box with a fluted smoke stack and a taller cabin. The only modifications I saw in photos of Leahi dated 1923 were the additions of a pilot with a front coupler and an electric head light.

    I determined that the smoke box on the lanakila was probably extended by at least 1900. At the same time she was probably fitted with a new cab, converted to oil, and an then fitted with an electrical system.

    Electric power was common on Railroads in the 1900s. Lanakila was one of the bigger more expensive engines and would more than likely have been fitted with an electric light and a dynamo by the 1906.

    I concluded that I would do the following:

    1. Extend the smoke box
    2. Change the smoke stack to a fluted smoke stack
    3. Modify the plumbing to reflect standard that were consistent with the photos I reviewed.
    4. Remove the backman cab and replace it with a cab that is closer to the 1926 photo images I have of Lanakila
    5. Add an Electrical System
    6. Add an Air Brake system
    7. Convert the tender and backhead to oil
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